repair damaged hair

How to Repair Damaged Hair at Home?

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We all love to style our hair, curly for evening parties, date nights, straight for a day get together or a birthday party and wavy for holidays. But in this process our hair has succumbed to the trials and tribulations of heat styling, chemical treatments and chemical hair hues. We all know styling & treatments will cause damage & dullness but can’t really keep ourselves at bay, right?

So, how do we revive our hair’s strength, texture & luster? In this blog, we’ll traverse the winding pathways of hair restoration, offering you a treasure trove of invaluable tips, expert insights, and nourishing remedies to revive your hair’s natural splendor. We’ll navigate the enchanting world of hair care ingredients, exploring the powers of nature’s remedies and the latest scientific breakthroughs to repair damaged hair at home.

repair damaged hair

  1. Using A Powerful Home Made Cleanser For Scalp

The very basic step to repair damaged hair at home is to cleanse it thoroughly and gently. For this take a scoop of aloe vera gel and a scoop of apple cider vinegar. Whisk it well and apply gently on your scalp and scrub using your finger tips. Avoid applying on your hair length and tips. This will gently cleanse your scalp of any impurity, dirt & dandruff sitting there. Wash off with a mild shampoo and cold water.

Apple cider vinegar has cleansing properties and it will get the hair scalp rid of all impurities and open pores. Aloe vera gel neutralizes any acidic effects of the vinegar.

Warning: People having done highlights or hair color must avoid this step as this will wash off their hair color too. 

  1. Applying Home Made Nutritional Hair Spa Cream

This is the most important and beneficial step towards repairing damaged hair. To prepare the highly nutritious and hair friendly hair spa cream, take 2 tablespoons of argan oil or olive oil. Then take 2-3 vitamin e oil capsules & empty the contents. Add 2 scoops of aloe vera gel and 2 scoops of curd.

Argan oil is known to be an elixir for hair and skin. Extracted from the argan tree, backed by essential antioxidants, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids, naturally extracted argan oil has been proved the best oil to repair damaged hair.

Although argan oil itself has vitamin E, what’s the harm of adding a few more drops of it, right? Vitamin E helps in providing nourishment and luster to the hair.

Aloe vera again, to strengthen the hair follicles by promoting blood circulation, preventing breakage, providing softness to the strands.

Addition of curd into the mixture with lactic acid and biotin present controls frizz by retaining moisture, fights dandruff and prevents brittleness.

Apply in the damp hair, roots, length & tips, make a bun and cover with a shower cap for at least 1 hour to maximum 3 hours. After this you can was your hair using a mild herbal shampoo. You will observe better texture, shine and softness from the first use itself.

Note: You must not use a chemical shampoo, only herbal shampoo

  1. Nutritious and Protein Rich Conditioner

Last step is reparing damaged hair at home is to condition & moisturize the hair. Take a scoop of aloe vera gel and half a cup of coconut milk. If you don’t have coconut milk you can use the cow milk tetra packed milk. Try using raw milk, not boiled.

Whisk the two ingredients thoroughly. Apply it  gently on the hair length and tips. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and then shampoo.

Note: You can also do this step the next day if you don’t have time to do all the three steps at one stretch.

Using all the 3 steps every once a month or twice a month will surely repair damaged hair caused by chemical treatments of hair dyes. The only condition is that every step should be done in the exact same manner as narrated. 

You will surely see the results from the first use itself. With consistency you will reverse all the damage and gradually achieve the smooth, shiny, frizz free, damage free, healthy and strong hair you have always wanted. 

Make sure you also take a good diet filled with protein, vitamins, minerals and most importantly, iron to keep hair healthy from within in order to see maximum results. Lack of iron (anemia) is one of the major contributing factors in 70% of women in the world. You can consume hair gummies for additional nutrition. So eat nutritious, stay healthy and don’t forget to flaunt your hair!!